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Rarecells® Diagnostics was created in 2010 by Patrizia Paterlini-Brechot, Professor of Cell Biology and Oncology, in order to make the scientific and technological advances  developed by her team available to research teams and patients. Rarecells® Diagnostics’ core product is the patented ISET® (Isolation by SizE of Tumor/Trophoblastic cells) Technology.
Rarecells® Diagnostics has the exclusive license of patents belonging to the French Public Institutions University Paris Descartes,  Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris and INSERM protecting the Rarecells® System, as well as the analyses performed on cells isolated using the Rarecells® System.
Rarecells® Diagnostics is a science-driven company. We are scientists working for scientists and patients. We care about bringing benefits to the patients.


Rarecells France

Rarecells France


RT @EPOorg: .@PatriziaPaterli & her team invented a test to identify the presence of cancer years before tumours develop. Find out about h…

Rarecells France

Rarecells France


RT @EPOorg: Italian scientist @PatriziaPaterli at @RarecellsFrance found a way to isolate cancerous blood cells. The impact? Absolutely ast…


Rarecells Diagnostics has developed and commercialize the ISET® System, a semi-automated device and its consumables, which extracts rare Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) and Circulating Tumor Microemboli (CTM) from the blood with unparalleled sensitivity and maintains their morphological and structural integrity. Intact CTC and CTM can be isolated in fixed or live form and be further exposed to an in vitro diagnostic examination (eg. cytopathology and/or immunolabelling) and other characterization methods such as molecular DNA and RNA analyses.


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Technical Applications

The ISET® technology is a versatile technique providing the possibility to isolate fixed and live Circulating Tumor cells, as well as permitting separated plasma analyses with the unsurpassed sensitivity threshold of one CTC in 10mL of blood.

Clinical Applications

More than 80 publications have proven the validity of the ISET® technology in early detection of invasive cancers, non invasive theranostics and immunotheranostics. The prognostic value of CTC collected by ISET® has also been established.

CTC in Animal Models

The ISET® technology is so flexible that it is not only capable of filtering human blood but also blood from many animal models. So far, blood samples from mouse, rat, pig, horse, dog and chimpanzee have been treated using the ISET® technology.