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Technical Applications

The ISET® technology lets the user isolate fixed or live cells to send to many downstream applications like cytopathological staining, immunocytochemistry, and immunofluorescence, FISH, molecular analyses as well as in vitro culture or CTC-derived xenograft. Protocols for separated plasma analyses are also available.

Clinical Applications

CTC significance in clinical application has been proven by several studies. CTC isolated with ISET® technology can be useful in follow-up, assessment and therapy management and for any solid cancer. Here we present the latest innovations in early detection for invasive cancers, the prognostic value of CTC isolated by ISET®, and feasability for non invasive and immuno-theranostic.

CTC in animal models

The ISET® technology is so flexible, it is not only capable of filtering human blood but also blood from many animal models. So far, blood samples from mouse, rat (Lelièvre L. et al, Int J Gynecol Cancer 2004), pig, dog, horse and chimpanzee have been treated using the ISET® technology.


The ISET® Device is an in vitro medical device ensuring the enrichment of CTC present in the blood by vertical and efficient filtration. It is mandatory to use the ISET® Device in combination with its associated consumables, specifically designed for the ISET® technique. The ISET® Device is equipped with a digital gauge displaying depression, two independent filtration stations generating a gentle vacuum-dependant aspiration (-10 mbar to -300 mbar) for filtering two 10 mL samples at the same time, a movable cover and a knob permitting adjustments to get a constant vacuum filtration according to blood resistance and quality.

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The Rarecells® block is a single-use consumable to be inserted in the Rarecells® device. It allocates 10 mL of blood diluted 1:10 with the Rarecells® buffer (thus a volume of 100 mL of diluted blood) for its standard use. The block allows filtering the diluted blood through 10 circular filtration areas (spots).

After filtration, each spot will contain the large cells which were, before filtration, in 1 mL of blood.  [Read More..]

The Rarecells® Buffer reagent set is a kit of reagents for the preparation of the Rarecells® Buffer solution.

The role of this solution is to dilute blood samples in order to lysate red blood cells without damaging CTC or CTM, allowing filtration of the blood. [Read More…]


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