Rarecells® Block

The Rarecells® Block is a single-use consumable to be inserted into the ISET® Device. It allocates 10 mL of blood diluted 1:10 with the Rarecells® Buffer (thus a volume of 100 mL of diluted blood) for its standard use. The Rarecells® Block allows filtering the diluted blood through 10 circular filtration areas (spots). After filtration, each spot will contain the large cells which were, before filtration and dilution, in 1 mL of blood.
The Rarecells® Block contains one compartment to treat 50 ml of diluted blood (5 ml of diluted blood 1:10) and five compartments to treat 10 ml of diluted blood each (1 ml of diluted blood 1:10).
Integrated into the Rarecells® Block is the membrane that can be extracted after filtration (8μm pores (for standard use)). The membrane has the exact dimensions of a standard microscope slide and can be fully mounted between a slide and a coverslip or partially after cutting one or more spots.
Each spot can be analyzed independently. The number of CTC or CTM per mL of blood can be easily counted. The user can perform multiplexing downstream analyses (multiple tests on the same blood sample, for instance HE (Hematoxylin-Eosin), MGG (May Grünwald Giemsa), IHC (Immuno-histochemistry), IF (Immuno-fluorescence), FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization), targeted (with laser microdissection) and pooled (without laser microdissection) CCC/CCM molecular analyses,etc.).

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