We are physicians and scientists working for patients and for scientists.

At Rarecells Diagnostics, we are a team of dynamic physicians and scientists working for other scientists to help them discover more in the field of cancer invasion. We provide them with the best tools to better understand CTC and cancer Biology, from devices and consumables to excellent research protocols.

Our goal is to help other scientists improve their research by providing them with products, knowledge, service and assistance. We have for instance developed protocols to help other teams with their work in the CTC field. We are an international team with team members fluent in more than 7 languages and working with more than 20 different countries throughout the world.

Meet the Rarecells Diagnostics’ Team

Davide Bréchot
Davide Bréchot Chief Operating Officer
Alessandra Decina
Alessandra Decina Quality System Manager
Karine Prévost
Karine Prévost Logistic Manager
Lucile Broncy
Lucile Broncy Oncology R&D Project Manager
Maximilien Jayat
Maximilien Jayat ISET tools development and Technical support
Fatima Ben Mohamed
Fatima Ben Mohamed Prenatal R&D Project Manager