Our story

ISET® : a life commitment to cancer patients to improve their life

Rarecells Diagnostics was founded by Patrizia Paterlini-Brechot, an Oncologist and Hematologist and a Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University Paris Descartes, Paris, France. Prof. Paterlini-Brechot and her team have studied cancer since 1982, and more specifically circulating tumor cells, since 1995. Her fundamental research in the field led to applied studies in predictive oncology and, in 2000, to the invention of the ISET® technology.
Rarecells Diagnostics brings to scientists, doctors and people the missions of Prof. Paterlini-Brechot and her team which is to develop and spread high level scientific achievements to improve patient’s life and the understanding of CTC biology. With such a predictive, reliable, non-invasive, diagnostic and highly sensitive approach, ISET® promises to bring remarkable help to people around the world in their struggle against cancer, and even to save millions of lives through early diagnosis of invasive cancers.
The ISET® technology is the first and still unparalleled filtration method to isolate from blood, and without any bias, very rare Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), allowing their diagnostic identification by cytopathology and their molecular characterization.
ISET® forms the base platform for clinical applications in cancer, pre-natal diagnosis and other emerging fields. It is poised to be the technology of choice in detection of CTCs because it addresses the key problems of reliable tumor cell detection: sensitivity and specificity. In addition, an ISET-like system has been developed for the isolation of Circulating Fetal Cells (CFC) from maternal blood (ISET-PND) to replace amniocentesis by a non-invasive genetic test for Trisomy-21, Cystic Fibrosis and other genetic disorder (ISET-PND test).
Other emerging fields include Stem Cells and cardiology.
Rarecells Diagnostics is a spin off of the French Public Institutions  University Paris Descartes, INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale) and AP-HP (Assistance Publique- Hôpitaux de Paris) which own the ISET® patents belong to the French Public Institutions.
In 2001 Prof. Paterlini-Brechot founded Metagenex, to bring her research to patients, and served as scientific advisor to it. Metagenex changed its management in 2006 and had serious management problems which led in 2009 to the disengagement of Prof. Paterlini-Brechot from Metagenex and the retrival  of the exclusive licenses of the ISET® patents by the French Public Institutions. These permitted Professor Paterlini-Brechot to found Rarecells Diagnostics in 2010 and Rarecells Diagnostics received the exclusive licenses of the ISET® patents, first assigned to Metagenex. Metagenex kept the same management team and changed its name becaming Screencell in 2010.