Early Detection of Invasive Cancers

An independently funded, 6-year-long monocentric study, published in 2014, demonstrated that ISET® was able to make a very early diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • 254 patients including 168 patients with COPD followed by ISET and low dose CT-scan screening
    • 5 of 168 presented CCC detected by ISET
    • Per 10 mL of blood, 19 to 67 isolated CCC and 1 to 3 CCM, Vimentin expression
  • In these 5 patients:
    • CT-scan detected a lung nodule 1 to 4 years after CCC detection by ISET leading to surgical resection  and early diagnosis of Lung Cancer (stage 1A)
    • Follow up of the 5 patients at 18 months after surgery: no tumor recurrence, no CCC.

542 individuals tested with ISET®: 277 patients with cancer and  256 individuals at risk of developping cancer.
  • 100% of cancer patients presented CCC
  • 132 at risk individuals (50%) presented CCC
10 months follow-up of CCC-positive at risk individuals:
  • 20% of at risk individuals diagnosed with early stage cancers by imaging techniques.