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Isolation by Size of Epithelial Tumor Cells - a revolutionary diagnostic method

CTC Isolation

Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells by ISET Easy-Rapid-Efficient


ISET enables the isolation of CTCs and CTM as intact cells, without a previous immune-based selection, from all types of cancer (except CLL).

Isolation Tumor cell
  • 1 - circulating tumor cell (CTC)
  • 2 - pore
  • 3 - leukocyte (trapped in a pore lumen)

Lymphocytes are the smallest cells in the body, they are 8 microns in size, have a very compact nucleus and a minimal cytoplasm. The vast majority of lymphocytes and neutrophils are thus  eliminated by filtration. Larger cells are enriched by ISET and can be analysed by cytomorphology and immuno-molecular characterization. Each spot on the filter shows the large cells isolated from 1 ml of blood (easy counting).

tumorous cell
  • 1 - circulating tumor cell (CTC)

ISET high sensitivity is related to its efficiency : 10 ml blood are diluted with the ISET buffer, transferred to the ISET block and treated. CTC and CTM collection on the filter takes 3 minutes. CTCs and CTM are then available for staining and further analyes. ISET sensitivity threshold is one CTC in 10 ml of blood. To maintain this high senstitivity, blood has to be treated within 4 hours after collection.